Additional Support

We do everything we can to help men experience freedom from drug and alcohol addiction, and restore their relationships with their loved ones.

Family Recovery

Since Family Recovery is essential to the recovery of an addict, an Overcomers’ Support Group is offered on Tuesday evenings for family members. Special Family Recovery Classes are also held at this time and both of these sessions are open to the public.

Couple Counseling

Couple’s counseling is provided for couples struggling with the problems created by addiction and the adjustments necessary to function successfully outside of the program.

Alumni Associations

A Men’s Alumni Association was formed to encourage and support men who complete the program to continue their Christian walk. A Women’s Alumni Association also provides support for wives and partners of the men in the program. Both these programs meet monthly during weekend retreats.

Big Brother

A Big Brother’s Program provides each man with a mentor or an ear to listen to them when needed.