Meet Pastor Larry

Pastor Larry Thomas Miller is the Founder and Director of Potter’s Wheel Ministries. He was born in South Florida on October 9, 1946. Larry and his wife, Sandra, have four children and six grandchildren.

In 1987, Larry received a vision from God to establish Potter’s Wheel Ministries and was instructed as to the exact location where he should break ground for the ministry.

Larry began his Christian counseling career in 1976 at Dunklin Memorial Camp – a Christian Regeneration Center located in Indian River County, Florida. He holds a B.A. degree in Phsychology and Bible from Lee University.

His practical experience includes serving as a Counselor of Western Palm Beach County Correctional Facility; Miracle Lake Christian Training Center in Etowah, Tennessee; Hiwassee Mental Health in Cleaveland, TN and as lecturer on alcohol and drug abuse for Crisis Intervention.

pastor larry miller